The End of Bertha or Why Orders Are Delayed

Please allow an extra 3-4 days for your orders to be shipped. This is only temporary whilst we catch up orders due to machine failure. 

On July 14th, 2020, our beloved sewing machine Bertha sewed her last stitch. After 5 years of hard work and innumerable bags her motor gave out and she's now resting, in pieces, in a workshop, waiting to see if any life can be brought back to her. 

Bertha was a powerhouse of a machine and could stitch, at full speed, 1,500 stitches a minute. We looked for a new Bertha but alas, she is no longer made. After a few minutes of panic, arm flailing, and frantic Google searches, we found a replacement machine. The only snag was that due to the weight of the machine it could not be shipped via UPS or FedEx. It would have to be shipped via courier service and that would take two weeks. 

Waiting was not an option, so a 14 hour round trip to Atlanta was planned for Thursday. Apart from one minor incident the trip was a success and Sewphia was installed Friday morning in our studio. 

She is an industial machine and comes with her own table. With a top speed of 5,500 stitches a minute she is a speed demon! It will take a while for us to be comfortable sewing at that speed. 

As we were without a machine for almost 4 days, orders did stack up. We are working around the clock to get orders out and the backlog should be cleared by July 27th.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.