About Us

Wuthering Sheep started in October 2014 as Ewe Sew An Sew. After almost 4 years of providing unique bags for all fibre craft people, I decided that a break was needed. Partially due to burn out, but I also wanted some time to breathe and catch up on all the things I'd been putting off for a long while. 

In January this year, 2019, I was quite refreshed and ready to open up shop again. I thought that a name change for the business was also in order, to reflect that this was a new start and not a continuation of the old. 

Wuthering Sheep's main focus now is the Sock Sack, the perfect bag for your sock knitting project. Other size bags will be offered on occasion, and if you liked the zippered bags I once made, I'm very happy to custom make one for you. 

Please visit the Etsy shop of Ewe Sew An Sew/Wuthering Sheep to see all the reviews that have been received over the years.

About the Owner

Sarah is the maker, creative mind, and owner of Wuthering Sheep. The company started as a need for a practical project bag for Sarah's then current knitting project. Not only practical, but something fun to look at both inside and out. How many cat bags have been made with mice fabric inside? The company's newest bag, the Sock Sack, was again born from the need of something practical. These bags are perfect for two-at-a-time sock projects and fit inside almost any other bag, making them perfect for commuting. When Sarah is not sewing, she is either knitting, reading or dreaming about British cheese.